Effectiveness of a Dynamic Wrist-hand Orthosis in Early Outpatient Rehabilitation of the Upper Extremity Post Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- adults aged 18 or over who have had a first stroke within the past 6 months
- admitted to Riverview Health Centre (Winnipeg, Canada) for stroke rehabilitation and are being discharged to home locations within the city of Winnipeg
- fit with and started using a custom SaeboFlex orthosis as an inpatient at Riverview Health Centre after having met the active and passive movement criteria required to use the SaeboFlex orthosis
- referred to outpatient Occupational Therapy at the Health Sciences Centre (Winnipeg, Canada) for ongoing upper extremity rehabilitation using a SaeboFlex orthosis
- able to commit to the time requirements of the study
- have a premorbid fully functional upper extremity
- able to speak and understand English
- able to follow multistep commands and understand the purpose and required use of the orthosis
- able to stand for at least 10 minutes
- have 3 times per week access to a caregiver to assist with donning the orthosis at home if required

Exclusion Criteria

- Chedoke McMaster Stroke Assessment, Impairment Inventory (Shoulder Pain section) score of 1-3
- score of 3 or more on the Modified Ashworth Scale for elbow, wrist or finger flexors
- swan neck deformities or contractures of the fingers or wrist of the paretic upper extremity
- history of skin breakdown on the paretic upper extremity or a score of less than 6 out of 12 on the Sensation Section of the Fugl-Meyer Upper Extremity Assessment
- significant cognitive impairment as determined by a score of 21 or less on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment
- able to fully extend fingers 10 times in a position of maximal shoulder flexion and elbow extension with a neutral wrist