Effect of Thermal Stimulation for Lower Extremity Movement and Function in Patients With Stroke


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

The inclusive criteria:
- first-ever stroke
- stroke onset > 3 months and < 3 years before the study enrollment
- unilateral hemiplegia
- ability to sit on a chair > 30 minutes independently
- able to follow verbal instructions
- age between 18 y/o and 80 y/o
- be willing to participate in this study and gave their informed consent
The exclusive criteria:
- skin disease, skin injuries, burns, or fresh scars over the TS application area
- contraindication of ice or heat application
- speech disorder or global aphasia
- musculoskeletal or cardiac disorders that could potentially interfere
- diabetic history or sensory impairment attributable to neuropathy.