Effect of Sarpogrelate on Platelet Aggregation in Patients With Cerebral Infarction: Dose-responsive Clinical Pharmacology Study


Phase 3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. Cerebral infarction except cardiac source of embolism based on the NINDSⅢclassification
2. Neurological signs persisting≧ 1 day from onset
3. Defined onset of symptoms, and stable condition at the period of enrollment
4. CT or MRI detection of responsible site
5. age≧20
6. Systolic pressure≦180 mmHg, Diastolic pressure≦110 mmHg
7. The maximum intensity of platelet aggregation is above 15 % induced by serotonin (1µM) and epinephrine (3µM) on the day of prior to the first medication
8. Written informed consent must be obtained from the patients before enrollment into the study

Exclusion Criteria

1. Functional outcome at randomization: Modified Rankin Scale=4, 5
2. Previous or planned for vascular surgery to cerebral infarction
3. History of intracranial hemorrhage
4. History of systemic bleeding, or other history of bleeding diathesis or coagulopathy
5. With severe complications ( renal or hepatic insufficiency, heart failure, hemopathy, and so on )
6. Treating malignant tumor
7. Pregnant or possibly pregnant women, or nursing mothers
8. History of sarpogrelate sensitivity
9. Previously entered in other clinical trials within 3 months
10. Less than 3 months since any other clinical trial
11. Judged by investigator to be unsuitable for the study