Dynamic Combination Therapy on Chinese Herbal Granules to Improve the Symptoms in Convalescent Phase of Ischemic Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age: 18 - 75 years.
- Clinical diagnosis of ischemic stroke causing a measurable neurological deficit defined as impairment of language, motor function, cognition and/or gaze, vision or neglect, confirmed by CT or MRI scan.
- Clinical diagnosis of "Qixu-Xueyu Zheng" (Qi deficiency and Blood Stasis Syndrome) as the scores of Chinese medicine symptoms scales in ischemic stroke on both "Qixue" and "Xueyu" ≥ 7.
- 15 days to 60 days after onset of symptoms.
- Clinical diagnosis of cerebral anterior circulation obstruction.
- 4≤NIHSS<20.
- Patient is willing to participate voluntarily and to sign a written patient informed consent.

Exclusion Criteria

- Transient ischemic attack
- Evidence of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) in 6 months
- Evidence of other cerebral diseases (eg.vascular malformation, tumor, abscess or multiple sclerosis etc.)on the CT or MRI scan.
- Woman with pregnancy, lactation or positive result of pregnancy test, or women who want to be pregnant in recent 6 months.
- Woman who is under menstrual period.
- Known history of allergy or suspected allergic to these chinese herbs.
- Complicated with atrial fibrillation.
- Fasting blood glucose ≥8 mmol / l under the treatment of diabetes or complicated with severe cardio-cerebrovascular diseases (eg. hyperlipemia, coronary heart disease with angina attack ≥ 4 times a day).
- Liver function impairment with the value of ALT or AST over 1.5-fold of normal value.
- Renal dysfunction with the value of serum creatinine over normal value.
- Prior disable patients or complicated with osteoarthropathy that influence the motor function of the limbs.
- With mental disorder that can not cooperate with doctor
- Suspected addicted into alcohol or drug abuse.
- With severe complications that would make the condition more complicated assessed by the investigator.
- Patient who is participating in other trials or has been participated in other trials in recent 3 months.