Double-blind Study of Nimodipine in Non-Severe Stroke


Phase 2 Results

Trial Description

To study the effect of nimodipine on acute ischemic stroke of mild or moderate severity.


  • Nimodipine (NimotopĀ®)Drug
    Other Names: The treatment group
    Intervention Desc: Calcium channel blocker (L-type calcium channels)

Trial Design

Single-center, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study of 60 patients.

Patient Involvement

Eight of the 60 randomized patients were excluded because of incorrect diagnosis. For the remaining 52 patients, 24 were allocated to nimodipine (30 mg qid. orally for 14 days) and 28 to placebo.


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary Mathew scale score at 4 months.