Dosing and Mechanisms of Electrical Stimulation in Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion criteria: (1) no active extension in the affected wrist and fingers; (2) stroke experienced > 3 months < 1 year prior to study enrollment; (3) a score > 70 on the Modified Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE); (4) no excessive spasticity in the more affected upper limb, as defined as a score of < 3 on the Modified Ashworth Spasticity Scale; (5) no excessive pain in the more affected upper limb, as measured by a score < 4 on a 10-point visual analog scale; (6) only have experienced one stroke; (7) discharged from all forms of physical rehabilitation; and (8) a detectable surface EMG signal > 5 mV from the extensor carpi radialis of the affected limb.

Exclusion Criteria

Exclusion criteria: (1) participating in any experimental rehabilitation or drug studies; (2) mirror movements (i.e., involuntary movements by the unaffected hand during attempts at unilateral movement by the stroke-affected hand); (3) contraindication to fMRI procedure (i.e., metal implants, claustrophobia; pacemaker); (4) pregnant; (5) uncontrolled seizure disorders.