Dosing and Mechanisms of Electrical Stimulation in Stroke


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Trial Description

To test the effectiveness of a new brace called the Bioness that will deliver various doses of electrical stimulation to the affected hands of stroke patients during their carrying out of various activities (such as writing and eating).


  • Electrical stimulation Device
    Intervention Desc: This category includes any form of electrical stimulation intended to improve motor function or pain after stroke.

Trial Design

Randomized, controlled, single-blinded study.

Patient Involvement

Patients will be assigned to recieve various doses of electrical stimulation from the brace to their hands during their performing of valed activities (such as writing, eating) over an 8-10 week period. Trial will be repeated on the same patients in differing doses.


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary fMRI imaging of all patients. All patients will be tested for arm motor function and communication ability at least twice in the beginning of the study.


American Heart Association Dallas, TX