Determining the True Incidence of Atrial Fibrillation Before and After Lung Resection "Lung-AF"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Patients must be at least 18 years of age and competent to consent
- Patients must be diagnosed with resectable lung cancer or metastatic lung disease eligible to complete metastasectomy
- Patients must have one of: Male gender, age greater than 65, hypertension, obesity, and recent tobacco use within the past year
- Patients must be booked for pneumonectomy, lobectomy or anatomical segmentectomy resection.

Exclusion Criteria

- Patients undergoing emergent lung resection
- Patients undergoing lung resection for non-oncologic indications (lung biopsy, bullectomy)
- Patients with an existing neurostimulator
- Patients with pre-existing cardiac disease, defined as:
- Patients with atrioventricular blockage of any degree or sick sinus syndrome;
- Patients with known previous atrial fibrillation or flutter lasting more than 1 month;
- Patients with any persistent diagnosed preoperative arrhythmia
- Patients with implanted external defibrillators or pacemakers
- Patients with known adhesive allergies
- Inability to comply with or understand ambulatory monitoring.