Danhong Injection in the Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke


Phase 4 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Female or male inpatients
- Age: 18 - 70 years.
- Clinical diagnosis of ischemic stroke causing a measurable neurological deficit defined as impairment of language, motor function, cognition and/or gaze, vision or neglect. Ischemic stroke is defined as an event characterized by the sudden onset of an acute focal neurologic deficit presumed to be due to cerebral ischemia after CT scan excludes hemorrhage.
- Clinical diagnosis of "Xueyu Zheng" (Blood Stasis Syndrome) as the scores of Chinese medicine symptoms scales of "Xueyu Zheng" in ischemic stroke ≥ 20. The Chinese medicine symptoms scales of "Xueyu Zheng" is defined as following (1)hemiplegia-10,(2)numbness of limbs-10,(3) dark face-9,(4)purple or dark lip-8,(5)Roughness of skin-4, (6) pain with fixed point-5, (7) purple or dark tongue-10,(8)ecchymosis on tongue-10,(9)purple sublingual vessel-10,(10)varicose sublingual vessel-8,(11)unsmooth pulse-8,(12)intermittent pulse-1.
- Onset of symptoms in 1 week prior to initiation of administration of study drug.
- Clinical diagnosis of cerebral anterior circulation obstruction.
- 4≤NIHSS<20.
- Patient is willing to participate voluntarily and to sign a written patient informed consent. Informed consent will be obtained from each patient or the subject's legally authorized representative or relatives, or deferred where applicable, according to the regulatory and legal requirements of the participating centers.

Exclusion Criteria

- Evidence of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) or other cerebral diseases (eg.vascular malformation, tumor, abscess or multiple sclerosis etc.)on the CT-or MRI-scan.
- Patients with thrombolysis or endovascular treatment.
- Known history of allergy or suspected allergic to the drug.
- Blood glucose 2.8 or > 16.8 mmol / l under the treatment of diabetes or with severe complications due to diabetes (eg. peripheral neuropathy, diabetic gangrene).
- Liver function impairment with the value of ALT or AST over 1.5-fold of normal value.
- Renal dysfunction with the value of serum creatinine over 1.5-fold of normal value.
- Severe cardiac dysfunction on echocardiogram or the grade of heart function over Ⅲ grade.
- History of prior stroke with mRS ≥2.
- Complicated with atrial fibrillation.
- Severe stroke as assessed by appropriate imaging techniques (eg. massive cerebral infarction including more than one lobe of brain or over 1/3 of blood-supply area of middle cerebral artery).
- Prior disable patients.
- Hemorrhagic tendency or recent severe or dangerous bleeding in 3 months.
- Suspected addicted into alcohol or drug abuse.
- With severe complications that would make the condition more complicated assessed by the investigator.
- Woman with pregnancy, lactation or positive result of pregnancy test, or women who want to be pregnant in recent 6 months.
- Woman who is under menstrual period.
- Patient who is participating in other trials or has been participated in other trials in recent 3 months.