Counteracting Learned Non-use Through Augmented Visuomotor Feedback in Virtual Reality (RGS)


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Mild-to-moderate upper-limbs hemiparesis (Proximal Medical Research Council Scale > 2) due to ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke
- Spasticity in the affected limb (Modified Ashworth Scale <3)
- First-ever ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke (>4 weeks post-stroke)
- Sufficient cognitive capacity for following the instruction of the intervention (Mini-Mental State Evaluation >24)

Exclusion Criteria

- Cognitive impairment that impede the correct execution or understanding of the intervention
- Severe impairments in vision or visual perception abilities (such as vision loss or spatial neglect), in spasticity, in communication abilities (such as aphasia or apraxia), severe pain as well as other neuromuscular or orthopedic changes that impede the correct execution of the intervention training
- Mental dysfunctioning during the acute or subacute phase after the stroke.