Controlled trial of ancrod in ischemic stroke.


Phase N/A Results

Trial Description


  • Ancrod (Viprinex┬«)Drug
    Intervention Desc: Fibrinogenolytic agent. Purified fraction of pit viper venom, cleaves fibrinogen.
  • Dextran Drug
    Intervention Desc: Dextran is used as a volume expander.

Trial Design

Randomized, single-blind study involving 30 patients.

Patient Involvement

Patients were treated with either low-molecular weight dextran and mannitol alone (group A) or in combination with ancrod (group B).


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary Hemoglobin/hematocrit and RBC count during active treatment and at 12 months, global coagulation tests, blood viscosity, platelet function. Neurological score given in arbitrary units (AU) was measured before treatment and on days 2, 3, 8, and 15, and after 12 months. Also, survival rate at 12 months.