Controlled Education Of Patients After Stroke "CEOPS"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Patients over 60 years of age
- Patients who have had a first stroke, transient or permanent, ischaemic or haemorrhagic, justifying hospitalisation
- Patients with high blood pressure already treated or discovered at the time of the stroke and justifying the start of a treatment
- Patients who have had a stroke with sequelae allowing immediate return home or justifying a stay of less than one month in rehabilitation
- Patient having a member of his social circle who has agreed to provide follow-up for two years in association with the assigned nursing personnel in case of randomisation into the "optimised follow-up" group.
Exclusion criteria
- Patients less than 60 years of age
- Patients with a history of stroke
- Patients who do not have high blood pressure discovered by a treatment prior to the stroke or by abnormal blood pressure figures during hospitalisation
- Patients who have had a stroke causing serious sequelae, justifying an extended stay in a rehabilitation department
- Patient who has no one in his social circle capable of working with the assigned nursing personnel, or patient living in an institution