Constraint-induced Movement Therapy to Improve Gait and Mobility of People With Chronic Stroke

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- be 19 years old or older,
- have more than 6 months after stroke;
- present motor impairment on lower extremity due to stroke, but able to walk at least 25 feet using an assistive device or not, at least three times a day;
- have no previous experience with any LE CIMT protocol.

Exclusion Criteria

- presence of uncontrolled clinical conditions;
- presence of other neurologic diseases;
- Mini-mental State Examination score <24
- inability to answer yes and no questions properly;
- score lower than 45 out of 56 on the Berg Balance Scale, and score higher than 5 on LEMAL, what indicates that they are already utilizing the paretic lower limb while performing daily activities.