Computerized Arm Training After Stroke


Phase N/A Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

(1) first time supratentorial stroke; (2) stroke interval before study onset 4 to 8 weeks; (3) severe upper limb paresis with no or only a palpable volitionalactivity of the wrist and finger extensors (ie, Medical Research Council [MRC] 0 or 1); (4) an initial upper limb Fugl-Meyer Motor Score (0 to 66) of <18; (5) absent or moderate elbow, wrist, and finger spasticity; (6) able to understand the meaning of the study; and (7) written informed consent to participate in the approved study.

Exclusion Criteria

(1) apraxia; (2) shoulder pain insensitive to standard therapy; (3) hand swelling sufficient to prevent fist formation; (4) painful arthritis of the wrist or finger joints; and (5) forearm skin ulcers.