Comparison of Two Rehabilitation Strategies in Patients With Hemiparesis One Year or More After Stroke "NEURORESTORE"

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Patient with spastic hemiparesis, following a unique stroke episode over a year before enrollment into the study
- Age ≥ 18
- Barefoot walking possible with no assistive device over 10 m
- Fast barefoot ambulation speed between 0.1 m/sec and 1.3 m/sec
- Mean Modified FRENCHAY Score between 2 and 8/10
- Patient having provided a signed consent to participate in this trial

Exclusion Criteria

- Multiple stroke episodes, clinically of based on brain imaging
- No recent (less than 3 months before enrollment) brain imaging (CT scan or MRI) in case of doubt about multiple stroke episodes
- Concurrent severe condition jeopardizing functional or vital prognosis, or the ability to participate in rehabilitation sessions
- Cognitive, phasic or behavioral condition impeding verbal communication, active participation to a rehabilitation or self-rehabilitation program, or participation in a research study, according to the investigator's judgment
- Person having a tutor or benefiting from a law protection order
- Person not benefiting from French State Health Insurance