Collaborative Self-Management Support in Chronic Conditions - Qualitative Study "CoSMaS-ql"

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Eligibility Criteria


Inclusion Criteria

- having (had) one of the health conditions targeted.
- age >18 years (in order to have had the opportunity to achieve full transition from parent/caregiver-managed to self-managed care),
- at least 1 year since diagnosis (in order to have had sufficient time to experience adjustments to their condition on the long term), and
- at least 1 consultation with an HCP of any specialty in the past year (in order to ensure minimum 1 recent experience of care they could reflect on).

Exclusion Criteria

- unable to communicate in French
- level of severity of health condition or comorbidities making participation in the study too burdensome
Inclusion Criteria:
- nominated by a participating patients as principal caregiver
Exclusion Criteria:
- none
Inclusion Criteria:
- at least 1 year of experience working in one of the 3 chronic conditions targeted (irrespective of the number of patients consulted)
Exclusion Criteria:
- none