Clinical importance of microbleeds in patients receiving IV thrombolysis


Phase N/A Results


Microbleeds do not appear to increase the risk of hemorrhagic complications in patients with stroke treated with IV tPA. Upon conclusion of the study, it was determined that 15.7% of the patients (11) had microbleeds at baseline GRE, and none of these patients had hemorrhagic complications compared to 10% of the patients (7) with symptomatic hemorrages (5 were major, and 2 were minor) who did not have baseline MBs. Of the 59 patients without MBs, 29 (49.2%) had evidence of some type of hemorrhage on follow-up, compared to only 3 (27.3%) of the 11 who had MBs, and there was no significant difference in the type or frequency of hemorrhage (p = 0.18). Eight patients died within the 30-day follow-up period.