Cerebellar rTMS to Improve Gait Recovery


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- First ever-chronic ischemic stroke, i.e. at least 6 months after the stroke event,
- Left or right subcortical or cortical lesion of the middle cerebral artery with medium-severity stroke NHISS <15 (All lesions must be documented by magnetic resonance imaging (T1- and T2-weighted images; 1.5T, GE scanners)
- No contraindication to brain MRI
- MEP recordable in order to evaluate the resting motor threshold (RMT)

Exclusion Criteria

- Epilepsy
- Severe general impairment or concomitant diseases (tumors, etc.)
- Age> 80 years
- Infections in progress
- Patients with neurological diseases beyond stroke or with neuropsychiatric disorders or with neuropsychological disorders that could potentially compromise informed consent or compliance during the study.
- Treatment with benzodiazepines, baclofen, antidepressants, clonidine, beta blockers and other potentially interfering drug treatments on plasticity phenomena.