Can we Train Patients With Chronic Stroke Out of Abnormal Hand Synergy?


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age 21 and older
- Ischemic stroke greater than six months ago, confirmed by CT or MRI
- Residuals unilateral upper extremity weakness
- Ability to give informed consent and understand the tasks involved.
- Appearance of Flexion synergy in hand.
- Ability to extent finger at least for 5 degrees.

Exclusion Criteria

- Cognitive impairment, with score on Montreal Cognitive assessment (MoCA) ≤ 20
- History of physical or neurological condition that interferes with study procedures or assessment of motor function (e.g. severe arthritis, severe neuropathy, Parkinson's disease)
- Contraindication to tDCS (deep brain stimulators or other metal in the head, skull defect, pacemaker)
- Inability to sit in a chair and perform upper limb exercises for one hour at a time
- Participation in another upper extremity rehabilitative therapy study or tDCS study during the study period
- Terminal illness
- Social and/or personal circumstances that interfere with ability to return for therapy sessions and follow up assessments
- Pregnancy
- Severe Neglect