C-arm Cone Beam CT Perfusion Guided Cerebrovascular Interventions


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Trial Description

The overarching objective of our proposal is to develop a One-Stop-Shop imaging using the available C-arm Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) data acquisition systems currently widely available worldwide in interventional angiography suites to enable acute ischemic stroke patients to be imaged, triaged, treated, and assessed using a single modality in one room.

Detailed Description

This is an evaluation to determine the efficacy of the use of C-arm CBCT with SMART RECON novel software for the rapid assessment of time-resolved CTA and CT perfusion in the setting of ischemic cerebrovascular events. As a leading center for the treatment of cerebrovascular disease in the Midwest as well as being one of the first Comprehensive Stroke Centers in the United States we have a large potential patient group to assess. Our pilot plan is to compare conventional CT/CTA/CTP acquired during the clinical work up with C-arm CBCT/CTA/CTP acquired in the angiography suite at initiation of therapy. The C-arm CBCT acquisition provides whole brain coverage (compared to only 8 cm brain coverage with conventional CT) with less radiation and higher resolution; the CT perfusion maps obtained using C-arm CBCT and new reconstruction algorithms provides better perfusion maps.



  • C-Arm Cone Beam Computed Tomography Diagnostic Test
    Other Names: C-ARM CBCT
    Intervention Desc: C-ARM CBCT angiogram and CBCT perfusion imaging using prototype software (SMART-RECON) can rapidly and accurately assess the cerebral blood flow maps in the setting of decreased blood flow to the brain (ischemic cerebrovascular events). This rapid assessment would eliminate the need for the patient to be imaged in another scanner and be subsequently transported again to another room; all anatomic and physiologic imaging would occur in the angiography suite.
    ARM 1: Kind: Experimental
    Label: C-ARM CBCT
    Description: A C-arm CBCT evaluation with SMART RECON novel software for the rapid assessment of time-resolved CT angiogram and CT perfusion.


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary Validation of One-Stop-Shop Imaging Performance Up to 24 months
Secondary Optimization of One-Stop-Shop Imaging Up to 24 months
Secondary Analysis of Perfusion Parameters from One-Stop-Shop Perfusion Maps Up to 24 months
Secondary Analysis of ROIs from One-Stop-Shop Perfusion Maps Up to 24 months