Brain Stimulation and Tailored Interventions to Promote Recovery in Stroke Survivors


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. have had solely one supratentorial stroke
2. be in a chronic stroke phase (>6 months)

Exclusion Criteria

1. a significant spasticity at the affected upper limb (score > 3 on the modified Ashworth scale);
2. a significant pain intensity at the affected upper limb (≥ 4/10 on the Visual Analog Pain Scale);
3. a major sensory deficit (a score ≤ 25/34 on the Nottingham Sensory Assessment);
4. a presence of hemineglect (> 70% of unshaded lines on the same side as the motor deficit on the Line Cancellation Test);
5. an apraxia (score >2.5 on the Alexander Test);
6. the presence of a neurological disorder other than a stroke;
7. concomitant orthopaedic problems at the affected upper limb and
8. any contraindication to TMS and/or tDCS.