Brain Machine Interface Control of an Robotic Exoskeleton in Training Upper Extremity Functions in Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. Diagnosis of unilateral cortical and subcortical stroke confirmed by brain CT or MRI scan;
2. Subacute or chronic stroke; interval of at least 3month and interval of at least 6 months from stroke to time of enrollment, respectively;
3. No previous clinically defined stroke;
4. Age between 18-75 years;
5. Upper-extremity hemiparesis associated with stroke (manual muscle testing score of at least 2, but no more than 4/5 in the elbow and wrist flexors);
6. No joint contracture or severe spasticity in the affected upper extremity: i.e., significant increase in muscle tone against passive ROM is no more than ½ of full range for given joint e.g., elbow, wrist and forearm movements.
7. Sitting balance sufficient to participate with robotic activities;
8. No neglect that would preclude participation in the therapy protocol;
9. Upper limb proprioception present ( as tested by joint position sense of wrist);
10. No history of neurolytic procedure to the affected limb in the past four months and no planned alteration in upper-extremity therapy or medication for muscle tone during the course of the study;
11. No medical or surgical condition that will preclude participation in an occupational therapy program, that includes among others, strengthening, motor control and functional re-training of the upper limbs;
12. No contraindication to MRI;
13. No condition (e.g., severe arthritis, central pain) that would interfere with valid administration of the motor function tests;
14. English-language comprehension and cognitive ability sufficient to give informed consent and to cooperate with the intervention.-

Exclusion Criteria

1. Orthopedic limitations of either upper extremity that would affect performance on the study;
2. Untreated depression that may affect motivation to participate in the study;
3. Subjects who cannot provide self-transportation to the study location.
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria for Health Subjects:
Inclusion criteria:
- able to understand and sign the consent form
- age 18-65
Exclusion criteria: - Previous history of or MRI findings consistent with brain tumors, strokes, trauma or arterial venous malformations - Contraindication to MRI - Pregnancy