Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Technology for Stroke Hand Rehabilitation "ARTS-BCI"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. Aged 21-80 years with first-ever clinical stroke, within 1-24 months onset.
2. Stroke type: ischemic or haemorhagic.
3. Fugl-Meyer motor score of the upper limb range from 10-50 or
4. Motor power MRC grade 3-5 in shoulder abductors and elbow flexors, and 0-3 in wrist dorsiflexors and finger flexors
5. Ability to pay attention and maintain supported sitting for 1 hour continuously.
6. Able to give own consent and understand simple instructions
7. Fulfills BCI and Haptic knob physical screening trial.

Exclusion Criteria

1. Functional status: severe aphasia or inattention, unstable medical conditions which may affect participation (e.g. unresolved sepsis, postural hypotension, end stage renal failure) or anticipated life expectancy of <1 year due to malignancy or neurodegenerative disorder)
2. Hemispatial neglect (visual or sensory) or severe visual impairment despite visual aids.
3. Epilepsy, severe depression or psychiatric disorder.
4. Recurrent stroke
5. Skull defect as this would affect physical fit of EEG cap interface.
6. Local arm factors: Severe spasticity Modified Ashworth scale >2 in any region, visual analogue scale (VAS score) >4/10, fixed joint contracture , patients with poor skin conditions, infections or eczema which may potentially be worsened by robotic shell contact.