Boston Scientific Embolic Protection, Inc. (EPI): A Carotid Stenting Trial for High-Risk Surgical Patients (BEACH) "BEACH"


Phase N/A Results


30 day results: 28 patients experienced a total of 33 events for a total composite endpoint rate of 5.8%.Among pivotal patients, 41.2% were at high surgical risk due to comorbid risk factors, and 58.8% due to anatomic risk factors; 76.7% were asymptomatic with flow-limiting carotid stenosis >80%. At 1 year, the composite primary end point occurred in 8.9% (40 of 447), with a repeat revascularization rate of 4.7%. With an upper 95% confidence limit of 11.5% for the primary composite end point, the BEACH trial results met the pre-specified criteria for noninferiority relative to the calculated OPC plus noninferiority margin (16.6%) for historical surgical CEA outcomes in similar patients (p < 0.0001 for noninferiority). CONCLUSIONS: The BEACH trial results demonstrate that CAS with the WALLSTENT plus FilterWire embolic protection is non-inferior (equivalent or better than) to CEA at 1-year in high-surgical-risk patients.