Berlin - SPecific Acute Treatment in Ischemic or hAemorrhagic Stroke With Long Term Follow-up "B-SPATIAL"


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion criteria:
1. Patients with hospital main discharge diagnoses according to ICD 10: Ischemic stroke (I63) or TIA (G45.0-G45.3 and G45.5-G45.9, respectively) and
- Onset of symptoms within 6 hours of hospital arrival
- In patients with TIA diagnosis: Persistent neurological symptoms at hospital arrival (emergency department documentation)
2. Patients with main discharge diagnosis of intracranial hemorrhage and symptom onset within 6 hours of hospital admission
3. Patients with other main discharge diagnoses and documented intravenous thrombolysis (OPS 8-020.8) in order to monitor the treatment rate of stroke mimics
Exclusion Critera:
- Symptom remission before EMS arrival or hospital arrival (if no EMS Transport)
- Primary subarachnoid hemorrhage