Berlin PRehospital Or Usual Delivery of Acute Stroke Care "B_PROUD"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion criteria:
1. Suspected acute stroke according to the dispatcher stroke identification algorithm during STEMO hours (7am-11pm, Monday-Sunday) and within the STEMO catchment area
Inclusion criteria for primary study population:
2. Final diagnosis of ischemic stroke (ICD 10: I63) or TIA (ICD 10: G45 except G45.4)
3. Confirmed onset-to-alarm time ≤ 4 hours at dispatch
4. Pre-stroke modified Rankin scale ≤ 3 (being able to ambulate, in routine clinical care, patients with mRS up to 3 are usually deemed suitable for tissue plasminogen activator treatment)
Exclusion criteria:
1. Symptom remission until arrival of emergency medical service
2. Malignant or other severe primary disease with life expectancy < 1 year
Exclusion criteria for primary study population:
3. Major surgery within 4 weeks before study inclusion
4. Confirmed stroke within 3 months before study inclusion
5. Absolute contraindications for thrombolysis AND thrombectomy