Ballistic Strength Training in Stroke: A Pilot Study


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Inpatient at Caulfield Hospital Neurological Rehabilitation Unit at the time of recruitment
- Diagnosis of first stroke
- Presence of lower limb weakness determined by >10% difference in knee extensor strength between sides
- Functional Ambulation Category (FAC) > 3
- Can walk a minimal distance of 14 metres (to allow measurement on a 10metre walk test (10MWT)
Participants who meet all the inclusion criteria except for their FAC score will have their FAC score re-measured on a weekly basis until they reach a score of greater than or equal to 3, at which point they become eligible and will be approached for recruitment.

Exclusion Criteria

- Unable to provide informed consent (determined by consultation with rehabilitation consultant and the team neuropsychologist)
- Other diagnosed central nervous system disorder affecting mobility
- Active oncological diagnosis
- Unstable medication condition such as unstable diabetes or unstable cardiac condition that would prevent participation in cardiovascular activity
- Recent orthopaedic trauma and/or osteoarthritis that would limit participation in physical exercise
- Not willing to continue to attend the program if they discharge home before the end of the six week program