Backward Treadmill Training in Patients With Chronic Stroke


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Diagnosis of ischemia brain injury or intracerebral hemorrhage by MRI or computed tomography at least 6 months before the onset of the study;
- age between 18 and 75 years;
- ability to walk independently for at least 15 meters;
- Functional Ambulatory Category level score 2 or less;
- Ability to walk in the treadmill at >0.3 km/h for 3 minutes handrail support;

Exclusion Criteria

- presence of other concurrent neurological or orthopaedic diseases involving the lower limbs and/or interfering with standing position and/or walking;
- aphasia with inability to follow 2 consecutive step commands, or a cognitive deficit;
- any uncontrolled health condition for which exercise is contraindicated
- Mini Mental State Examination <20;
- Unstable angina pectoris;
- Unstable cardiac conditions;
- Complex ventricular arrhythmia;
- Resting systolic blood pressure >200 mm/Hg - Resting diastolic blood pressure >100 mm/Hg;
- Aphasia (unable to follow two commands);