Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Middle Cerebral Artery Acute Stroke Treatment.


Phase 1/2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Symptoms and signs of clinically definite middle cerebral artery acute stroke.
- Time of stroke onset is known and treatment can be started between day 5 and 9 of onset.
- DWI-MRI has reliably shown relevant acute ischemic lesions
- Extracranial duplex/transcranial Doppler must confirm intra/extracranial arteries permeability.
- The stroke is severe (NIH Stroke Scale >= 8 before procedure).
- An age range of 18-80 years old.

Exclusion Criteria

- Patients out of inclusion age range.
- Lacunar infarction.
- Patients with cancer.
- Patients with present or previous malignant disease during the last 5 years, except for basal cell carcinoma.
- Hematological causes of stroke.
- Severe co-morbidity.
- Hepatic or renal dysfunction.
- The patient is female and of childbearing potential (unless it is certain that pregnancy is not possible) or breast feeding.
- Patient is likely to be unavailable for follow-up.
- Patient with evidence of life threatening infection of life threatening illness.
- Patient was already dependent in activities of daily living before the present acute stroke.