Australian Urokinase Stroke Trial "AUST"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Patients with acute, posterior-circulation ischemic stroke, whose CT scans excluded the possibility of hemorrhagic or non-cerebrovascular disease, who had an angiographically-visualized lysable lesion, who could receive the first dose of study medication within 24 hours of stroke onset, who had a vertebral artery suitable for catheterization, and who were good candidates for anticoagulant therapy, were eligible for this study.

Exclusion Criteria

Females who were pregnant or up to 4 weeks post-partum and persons who had minor vertebrobasilar ischemia, or minor single limb cerebellar, motor, or sensory signs, who have had continuous coma (defined as a Glasgow Coma Scale Score < 9) for 12 hours prior to study entry, who had CT evidence of hemorrhage, major cerebellar, or supratentorial infarction, who had a suspected tumor or infection, who had received warfarin following stroke or within 48 hours prior to stroke, who had a history of a previous stroke that could confound the results of this study, who had acute peptic ulcer disease, who had a history of major trauma within the past 3 months, who had undergone major surgery within 10 days prior to stroke, who had uncontrolled hypertension (>220/110), who had any severe comorbidity with a poor prognosis, or who had proliferative diabetic retinopathy, were excluded from this trial.