Assessment of Cortical Stimulation Combined With Rehabilitation to Enhance Recovery in Broca's Aphasia.


Phase 1 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Subjects must have an ischemic stroke.
- Subjects must have a language dominant left hemisphere.
- Subjects must be diagnosed as having predominantly Broca's aphasia.
- Age 21 years or older.

Exclusion Criteria

- Primary hemorrhagic stroke.
- Any additional stroke associated with incomplete speech recovery.
- Any neurologic or physical condition that impairs speech function.
- History of seizure disorder.
- Global aphasia or inability to participate in routine speech therapy.
- Untreated or inadequately treated depression.
- History of traumatic brain injury, or spontaneous subdural or epidural hematoma that has resulted in a fixed (stable) speech-language deficit.
- Major active psychiatric illness that may interfere with required study procedures.
- Contraindication to magnetic resonance (MR) imaging.