Aphasia Rehabilitation: Modulating Cues, Feedback & Practice

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- A single unilateral left-hemisphere stroke
- Aphasia Quotient between 40 and 80 on the Western Aphasia Battery
- Age 21 or older
- At least 6 months post-stroke
- Able to comply with the study protocol
- Premorbidly right-handed, as determined by the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory
- Fluent in English premorbidly
- Completed at least 8th grade education

Exclusion Criteria

- More than one stroke
- Any other neurological condition that could potentially affect cognition, speech or language.
- Global aphasia or inability to participate in routine speech therapy
- Major active psychiatric illness that may interfere with required study procedures
- Untreated or inadequately treated depression
- Current abuse of alcohol or drugs
- Unable to understand, cooperate or comply with study procedures
- Significant visual or auditory impairment