Antiplatelet Therapy in Acute Mild-Moderate Ischemic Stroke "ATAMIS"


Phase Early 1 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age ≥ 18 years
- Acute ischemic stroke that can be randomized within 48 hours of symptoms onset
- neurological deficit: 4 ≤ NIHSS ≤ 10
- CT or MRI scan ruling out hemorrhage or other pathology
- the first onset of ischemic stroke or previous stroke with no obvious sequelae (mRS≤1)
- Signed informed consent by patient self or legally authorized representatives

Exclusion Criteria

- intracranial hemorrhage and hemorrhagic cerebral infarction
- Thrombolysis for ischemic stroke
- Allergy to clopidogrel and/or aspirin
- History of stroke with serious sequelae
- Severe systemic disease (such as severe infection, severe hepatic and renal dysfunction)
- Clear indication for anticoagulation (atrial fibrillation, mechanical cardiac valves, deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism)
- History of intracranial hemorrhage
- Planned treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to affect platelet function
- Anticoagulation within 10 days
- Gastrointestinal bleed or major surgery within 3 months
- Planned or likely revascularization (any angioplasty or vascular surgery) within the next 3 months
- Planned surgery or intervention to stop antiplatelet therapy
- Ischemic stroke induced by angiography or surgery
- Pregnancy or childbirth within the previous 4 weeks
- Patients who have been treated with any other investigational drug within 3 months of enrollment
- Severe noncardiovascular comorbidity with life expectancy <3 months
- Any condition or situation which, in the opinion of the investigator, might pose a risk to the patient or confound the results of the study