Anticoagulant vs anti-platelet therapy as prophylactic against cerebral infarction in transient ischemic attacks


Phase N/A Results


At the end of treatment, no significant difference was seen between the 2 groups but 3 completed cerebral infarctions occurred during anti-platelet therapy compared to one during AC treatment. One cerebral hemorrhage was seen during AC treatment. Nine patients (6.7%) had TIA/RIND during AC treatment compared to 13 (9.6%) patients during anti-platelet therapy. Severe bleeding complications occurred in 6 (8.8%) patients during AC treatment compared to 3 patients (4.5%) during anti-platelet therapy. After 2 years of follow-up, there was a significant difference in the incidence of ischemic cerebral symptoms (TIA, RIND, infarctions) favoring AC over anti-platelet therapy (p < 0.001) but there were more bleeding complications in the AC group.