Ankle Robot to Reduce Foot Drop in Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke > 2 months prior in men or women
- Residual hemiparesis of the lower extremity that includes symptoms of foot drop
- Capable of ambulating on a treadmill with handrail support
- Already completed all conventional physical therapy
- Adequate language and cognitive function to provide informed consent and participate in testing and training

Exclusion Criteria

- Cardiac history of:
- Unstable angina
- Recent (< 3 months) myocardial infarction
- Congestive heart failure (NYHA category II or higher)
- Hemodynamic valvular dysfunction
- Hypertension that is a contraindication for a bout of treadmill training (>160/100 mmHg on two assessments)
- Medical history of:
- Recent hospitalization (< 3 months) for any serious condition leading to significant bed-rest or reduction in mobility function
- Symptomatic peripheral arterial occlusive disease
- Orthopedic or chronic pain conditions restricting exercise
- Pulmonary failure requiring oxygen
- Uncompensated renal failure
- Active cancer
- Neurological history and exam consistent with:
- Dementia
- Receptive or global aphasia that confounds testing and training, operationally defined as unable to follow 2-point commands
- Non-stroke neurological disorder restricting exercise (e.g. Parkinson's Syndrome, myopathy)
- Untreated major depression