AMES Treatment of the Impaired Leg in Chronic Stroke Patients "AMES"


Phase 1/2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Spastic hemiparesis
- At least 12 months post-stroke
- Can comfortably fit foot in treatment device
- Functioning proprioception
- Fugl-Meyer LE score >6 and <23
- Minimal hemi-neglect
- Observable volitional movement of the ankle in either plantar- or dorsi-flexion
- Cognitively and behaviorally capable of complying with the regimen

Exclusion Criteria

- Fractures of treated limb resulting in loss of range of motion
- Spinal cord injury
- Deep venous thrombosis
- Peripheral nerve injury or neuropathy in the affected limb with motor disability
- Osteoarthritis limiting range of motion
- Uncontrolled high blood pressure/angina
- Exercise intolerant
- Skin condition not tolerant of device
- Progressive neurodegenerative disorder
- Uncontrolled seizure disorder
- Botox treatment within last 5 months
- Baclofen pump