AMES + Brain Stimulation "AMES"

Active, not recruiting

Phase 1 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Stroke occurring ≥12 months before enrollment
- Hemispheric stroke (ischemic or hemorrhagic), cortical or subcortical
- Residual upper-extremity weakness without the ability to activate volitionally extensor digitorum (no volitional EMG in the long finger extensor muscle)independently
- Age 18-75 years old

Exclusion Criteria

- Significant upper-extremity proprioceptive deficit (<70% correct detection of the direction of passive finger movement, with eyes closed)
- Cortical stroke involving the primary motor cortex
- Epilepsy not controlled by medication
- Botox injections 5 months before or during enrollment; use of intrathecal Baclofen
- Residual pain in the tested arm
- Significant neglect involving the affected limb (NIHSS 2 on the extinction and attention items)
- Exercise intolerant
- Uncontrolled hypertension or angina
- Cognitive or behavioral inability to follow instructions
- Current abuse of alcohol or drugs
- Terminal illness with anticipated survival of <12 months
- Severe apraxia; inability to understand oral directions in English; or inability to communicate adequately with study personnel
- Circumference of arm incompatible with the AMES device (checked by placing the limb in the device)
- Contractures, decreased range of motion, or skin condition preventing tolerance of the AMES muscle vibrators
- Spinal cord injury, arthritis, or fractures of affected limbs resulting in loss of range of motion
- In the tested arm, peripheral nerve injury or neuropathy resulting in significant motor or sensory loss
- Pathological neurological/physical condition other than stroke that impairs the function of the impaired arm or that produces pain in the impaired arm
- Implanted device (e.g., cardiac pacemaker, Baclofen pump) the operation of which might be adversely affected by the brain stimulation
- Previous vascular surgery on the blood vessels of the brain or heart or heart valve surgery
- Female and pregnant