AISTCM-Outcome Measurement of Acute Ischemic Stroke With Traditional Chinese Medicine


Phase 4 Results


The baseline characters of are comparable Between Group A and Group B (P?0.05). 5 cases died in Group A and 7 cases died in Group B, which had no significant difference, (P?0.05); Compared with the group B, the neurological deficit score (National Institute of Health Stroke Scale, NIHSS) determined on the 21st day after treatment was ameliorated in the treatment group (P<0.05). Moreover, the 90-day followup showed that the severe disability rate was lower (BI<75?20?VS 26.3% ) (P<0.01), the complete rehabilitation and mild disability rate (mRS 0?1?59.3%Vs 67.9%) were higher?P<0.05?in the Group A than those in the Group B . 76 cases of adverse reaction/events happened; which manifested as digestive symptom, skin action, bleeding tendency and aminopherase higher, but had no statistical difference in two groups. Conclusion The HMP used in this study may improve neural function of patients in 21 days, and reduce the severe disability rate in those after 90 days’ treatment, with little noncorrelation adverse reaction with HMP.