A Very Early Rehabilitation Trial "AVERT"


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Informed consent
- Clinical diagnosis of first or recurrent stroke, hemorrhage or infarct.
- Recruited within 24 hours of onset of stroke symptoms
- Admission in a stroke care unit
- Consciousness: At a minimum patient must at least react to verbal commands.

Exclusion Criteria

- pre stroke mRS of 3,4 or 5
- Deterioration in patients condition resulting in direct admission to ICU, decision to palliate or surgery.
- Concurrent diagnosis of rapidly deteriorating disease
- Unstable coronary or other medical condition that is judged by the investigator to impose a hazard to the patient by involvement
- Patients unable to be mobilized within 24 hours of onset. (eg bed rest policy post tPA, lower limb fracture)
- Other interventional trials
- Systolic BP less than 110 or greater than 220mmHg
- Oxygen saturation of less than 92 % with supplementation
- Resting heart rate of less than 40 or greater than 110 beats per minute
- Temperature of greater than 38.5 degrees C