A New Multi-parameter Neuromonitoring System to Save Patients' Lives in Stroke and Brain Injury


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. Adult male or female patient, ≥ 18 and ≤ 75 years
2. Patient with severe SAH (GCS ≤ 12) or severe TBI (GCS ≤ 8)
3. Decreased level of consciousness with the need for ICP monitoring for an estimated duration of more than 3 days
4. Negative pre-treatment serum pregnancy test for female patients with childbearing potential
5. In patients with severe SAH or severe TBI with need for ICP monitoring an acute emergency situation exists. The inclusion follows

Exclusion Criteria

1. Known kidney disease, defined as plasma creatinine > 120 µmol/l
2. Known liver disease, defined as GOT > 200U/l
3. History of allergic disorders, including allergic reactions against contrast agents containing iodine, against ICG and against plasters, as well as patients with thyroid disease causing hyperthyroidism
4. Pre-existing disability and/or legal representative
5. Participation in another interventional clinical trial within the last 30 days before start of treatment