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This library illustrates a variety of stroke related diagnoses through deidentified case studies. Use keyword searches to narrow down to specific cases of interest and select a diagnosis to view images.

ID Age Gender Diagnosis Studies
7077 80 F Aneurysm, vertebrobasilar junction; Subarachnoid hemorrhage CT ANGIO
13399 40 M Neoplasm, glial, with metastases; Spinal cord intramedullary tumor, cervical MR
975 65 F Aneurysm, middle cerebral artery, giant CT
38110 25 M Infection, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), MR
35527 45 M Trauma, gunshot wound with intracranial bullet fragment CT XRAY
37111 75 F Aneurysm, thrombosed; Subarachnoid hemorrhage CT ANGIO
3653 50 F Multiple sclerosis (Dawson's fingers) CT MR
26265 55 M Infection, tuberculosis, Pott's Disease (TB infection of vertebral body); Myelopathy, compressive, tuberculoma at C4-C6; CT MR XRAY
6495 40 M Myelopathy, epidural spinal cord compression; Metastasis, adenoid cystic adenocarcinoma MR
37555 65 M Infection, abscess, epidural, spinal; Epidural spinal cord compression, thoracic; Osteomyelitis, thoracic MR XRAY
3274 75 M Neoplasm, meningioma, falcine; Tumor embolization ANGIO
17679 70 M Neoplasm, metastatis, lung CT MR
14273 50 F Aneurysm, middle cerebral artery (R); Aneurysm, anterior cerebral artery (L) ANGIO
21874 45 F Aneurysm, posterior communicating artery (L) ANGIO
30303 40 F Chiari malformation I, with cerebellar tonsillar herniation; Cyst, arachnoid, sella turcica CT MR
2547 50 M Other: Lesion in R cerebelllar penduncle; neoplasm vs demyelination vs infarct vs infection MR
37517 45 M Sarcoid; Hypothalamic mass; Meningeal enhancement; Infarct, pons CT MR
31268 45 M Epidural spinal cord compression, mass lesion unknown, T1-T2 MR
37849 55 M Neoplasm, meningioma, thoracic spine (T2); Intradural, extramedullary spinal cord compression MR
16119 50 F Marfan's syndrome, lumbosacral dural ectasia; Marfan's syndrome, spontaneous intracranial hypotension; Dural enhancement MR