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This library illustrates a variety of stroke related diagnoses through deidentified case studies. Use keyword searches to narrow down to specific cases of interest and select a diagnosis to view images.

ID Age Gender Diagnosis Studies
10613 60 M Sinus thrombosis, transverse sinus MR
10421 75 F Infarct, multiple CT MR
9713 30 M Hydrocephalus, obstructive; Shunt failure; Shunt series CT XRAY
5672 25 M Trauma, facial fractures, frontal and maxillary sinuses CT
13171 35 F Leukoencephalopathy; reversible posterior, postpartum eclampsia MR
778 35 M Infarct, occipital and cerebellar, bilateral; Decompressive craniotomy CT MR
4787 50 F Moya-moya syndrome; Infarct, multiple, bilateral MR
10509 50 F Myelopathy, thoracic, metastatic melanoma; Compression fracture, T1, pathologic, metastatic myeloma MR XRAY
8116 50 F Trauma, contusion; Soft tissue swelling CT
4084 60 F Other: normal MR cranial nerve protocol MR
8875 60 M Carcinomatorus meningitis, leptomeningeal enhancement MR
3826 35 F Trauma, gun shot wound, intracranial hemorhhage CT
11297 60 M Glioblastoma multiforme, brainstem MR
13246 85 M Leukoencephalopathy, ischemic, periventricular; infarct, basal ganglia MR
8158 70 F Arteriovenous malformation, mixed dural pial, cerebellopontine angle; Hemorrhage, subarachnoid, intraventricular and subdural CT ANGIO
3846 60 M Arteriovenous malformation, before and after embolization; Arteriovenous malformation, transverse sigmoid dural fistula ANGIO
3123 70 F Aneurysm, before and after coil placement; Aneurysm, multiple, superior hypophyseal, posterior communicating and anterior communicating arteries; Absent basilar artery; Fetal circulation, bilateral; Subarachnoid hemorrhage ANGIO
9715 35 M Infection, abscess, cerebral, secondary to endocarditis MR
7979 70 F Occlusion, basilar artery; basilar artery stent placement CT ANGIO
9567 70 F Neoplasm, metastasis, brain, lung primary CT