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This library illustrates a variety of stroke related diagnoses through deidentified case studies. Use keyword searches to narrow down to specific cases of interest and select a diagnosis to view images.

ID Age Gender Diagnosis Studies
11817 30 F Neoplasm, glioma, midbrain tectum; Atrophy, corpus callosum CT MR
14425 45 M Myelopathy, cervical, congenital stenosis and C6-7 disc herniation CT XRAY
14243 45 M Infection, toxoplasmosis; Leukoencephalopathy CT MR
7873 35 M Mesotemporal sclerosis MR
10383 70 F Intraventricular hemorrhage, primary; Arachnoid cyst, frontoparietal convexity CT
10645 19 F Encephalopathy, anoxic (post cardiac arrest); Ischemia, thalamus, bilateral MR
10829 65 F Spine, anterolisthesis, L4 on L5, L3 on L4 CT XRAY
13178 75 M Neoplasm, metastasis, renal cell primary MR
770 60 F Aneurysm, basilar artery tip; GDC coil embolization; Intraparenchymal hematoma, thalamus; Infact, posterior cerebral artery, bilateral CT MR
4987 30 M Neoplasm, metastasis, melanoma, with hemorrhage CT MR
7939 55 F Neoplasm, meningioma, planum sphenoidale CT MR
4136 40 F Sarcoid; Normal imaging including cranial nerves MR
11158 45 M Neoplasm, meningioma, middle cranial fossa CT MR
621 60 M Infarct, border-zone distribution, MCA-PCA and MCA-ACA; Cyst, arachnoid, posterior fossa (large) CT MR
11827 45 F Neoplasm, lateral ventricle, inflammatory lesion (not neoplasm) CT MR
5117 70 F Infarct, corpus callosum; Infarct, pons CT MR
11938 80 M Neoplasm, metastasis, renal cell primary; Lytic lesion, frontal bone CT MR XRAY
13008 40 M Infection, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), cerebellum CT MR
7307 85 F Infarct, borderzone, multiple CT MR
3967 35 F Encephalopathy, anoxic-ischemic, severe CT