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This library illustrates a variety of stroke related diagnoses through deidentified case studies. Use keyword searches to narrow down to specific cases of interest and select a diagnosis to view images.

ID Age Gender Diagnosis Studies
8626 50 F Cyst, dermoid, thoracic cord; Fat emboli in lateral ventricles CT MR
8714 30 F Central pontine myelinolysis (CPM) CT MR
9495 85+ F Epidural hematoma, traumatic; Paget's disease of skull CT
3948 60 F Infection, encephalitis, West Nile MR
7904 65 M Infarct, lateral medullary syndrome (PICA); arteriovenous malformation, dural, embolized CT MR
2793 60 M Infarct, middle cerebral artery with hemorrhagic conversion; Hemi-craniectomy. CT MR
9800 65 M Intraparenchymal hematoma, insula CT MR
7055 55 F Dandy-Walker malformation MR
5335 30 M Epidural hematoma CT
2899 45 M Cavernous angioma CT MR
8604 45 M Neoplasm, lymphoma, B-cell CT MR
55694 65 F Cyst, dermoid, suprasellar; Stenosis, internal carotid; Infarct, multiple, deep white matter CT MR ANGIO
8186 65 F Infection, abscess, cerebral; Meningeal enhancement CT MR
11794 65 Leukoencephalopathy, possibly secondary to cyclosporin; Infarct, middle cerebral artery, with laminar necrosis. MR
11795 40 F Wernicke encephalopathy MR
81613 70 M Encephalitis, limbic, paraneoplastic (anti-Hu) CT MR
10894 45 Aneurysm, posterior communicating artery; Subarachnoid hemorrhage CT ANGIO
82613 50 Tumor, neurocytoma, central MR
88666 80 Subdural hematoma, traumatic; Fracture, skull, frontal bone CT
44303 60 M Stenosis, internal carotid artery (90%); Infarct, middle cerebral artery, watershed CT MR ANGIO