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This library illustrates a variety of stroke related diagnoses through deidentified case studies. Use keyword searches to narrow down to specific cases of interest and select a diagnosis to view images.

ID Age Gender Diagnosis Studies
1081 75 M Aneurysm, basilar artery, giant, thrombosed CT MR
1570 70 F Neoplasm, meningioma MR
2998 25 F Cyst, colloid, third ventricle MR
360 65 F Infarct, internal capsule lacune, evolving CT
3634 30 M Infection, neurocysticercosis; Cyst, 3rd ventricle, cysticercosis CT
4038 60 M Infection, encephalitis, frontal lobe, gyriform appearance CT MR
4154 19 F Intraparenchymal hematoma, ephedra-induced CT
4446 65 M Cyst, colloid, third ventricle CT
4554 25 F Demyelination, severe (vs gliomatosis cerebri) Leukoencephalopathy MR
6165 25 M Intracranial hypotension, post-traumatic; Diffuse meningeal enhancement MR
6167 40 M Mucocele, frontal lobe, bilateral, large CT MR
8154 35 F Intracranial hypotension, post-LP CT MR
8303 45 F Chiari malformation; Syringomyelia; Disc protrusion C3-4 MR
8923 65 F Neoplasm, glioblastoma multiforme, parietal MR
3460 35 F Hemiatrophy CT MR
824 45 M Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), brain and spinal cord MR
2908 50 M Infarct, occipital lobe, acute (posterior cerebral artery) CT MR
2290 60 F Intraparenchymal hematoma, lobar, multiple small CT MR
8244 30 F Venous angioma, cerebellum CT MR
7735 30 F Sinus thrombosis, transverse CT MR