Lateral Medullary Syndrome (Wallenberg Syndrome)


Wallenberg Syndrome


  • Vertebral artery: Distal branches
  • Vertebral artery: Superior lateral medullary artery
  • Posterior inferior cerebellar artery: Less common than vertebral

Signs & Symptoms

Side Manifestation Comments
Ipsilateral Sensory loss – face – pain and temperature CN 5 nucleus
Ipsilateral Facial pain CN 5 nucleus
Ipsilateral Ataxia – arm and leg Restiform body, cerebellum
Ipsilateral Gait ataxia Restiform body, cerebellum
Ipsilateral Nystagmus Vestibular nucleus
Ipsilateral Nausea / vomiting Vestibular nucleus
Ipsilateral Vertigo Vestibular nucleus
Ipsilateral Horseness Nucleus ambiguus
Ipsilateral Dysphagia Nucleus ambiguus
Ipsilateral Horner syndrome Descending sympathetics
Contralateral Hemisensory loss – pain and temperature Spinothalamic tract
Neither Hiccups