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2nd Annual International Neuroscience Nursing Research Symposium
The symposium will focus on key aspects of neuroscience nursing research. Nurse researchers from diverse disciplines will present information on recent literature, research methodology, results, and clinical implications of recent nursing research. Throughout the symposium we will discuss how recent neuroscience nursing research has and will continue to impact patient care. Topics • Acute Stroke Management • Stroke Transitions of Care • Stroke in Unique Populations • Traumatic Brain Injury • Seizure Management • Neurological Assessments • Neurological Monitoring • Global Health and Neurological Disorders • Multidisciplinary Collaboration Objectives The objectives of this Neuroscience Nursing Research Symposium are to: • Identify global health initiatives related to patient care and professional nursing development • Formulate a strategy to incorporate the results from nursing research studies into current practice • Define how the results from nursing research studies can be used to complement research results from other disciplines • Discuss how to implement knowledge gained from research into patient care 11 Aug 2018 – 11 Aug 2018