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The Internet Stroke Center
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Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics
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UT Southwestern Stroke
Dr. Mark Goldberg

Dr. Mark Goldberg

Dr. Mark Goldberg is Director of The Internet Stroke Center and Chair of the Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Under Dr. Goldberg’s leadership, the department has launched a new initiative to seek effective treatments for brain diseases. The Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics is building state-of the-art facilities for drug and device testing, and bringing current and new faculty together for collaborative research on brain disease therapy. Previously, Dr. Goldberg was director of the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders and Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Anatomy & Neurobiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Dr. Goldberg received his B.A. in Biology (cum laude) at Harvard University, and his MD from Columbia University. He completed his neurology residency training at Stanford University and then joined the laboratory of Dr. Dennis Choi as a postdoctoral research fellow. Dr. Goldberg is the recipient of the S. Weir Mitchell Award of the Academy of Neurology, a Clinician Investigator Development Award from the National Institutes of Health, and an Established Investigator Award from the American Heart Association.

Abner X. Figueroa

Abner X. Figueroa

Abner leads the Neurology Information Services group at UT Southwestern Medical Center, an application development team created to serve the needs of physicians, medical researchers, and patients.  As a Web Applications Engineer he contributes extensive experience with relational database technologies such as MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle to the development and design of the Clinical Trials Registry and Internet Stroke Center web applications. Abner relies primarily on the Ruby on Rails platform and his experience with server-side programming languages to create back-ends to support rich internet experiences.

Matt Stowe, JD
Matt is the research programs manager for the Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics. A former researcher specializing in disability policy, bioethics, and knowledge translation, Mr. Stowe provides expertise in effective communication about ongoing research to the public and to families affected by stroke.

Past Team Members


Greg Bako

Greg Bako

Greg Bako
Greg created the Neurology Information Services group at UT Southwestern Medical Center. With over 5 years of experience developing and designing web applications, Greg was responsible for initiating and delivering projects like the Internet Stroke Center and healthcare analytics applications. While primarily focused on directing feature development, Greg also enjoyed pixel-perfect design and elegant technical implementations. Prior to UT Southwestern, Greg built a similar team at Washington University School of Medicine.

Mike O’Neill
Mike focused on front-and-back-end application development for the Neurology Information Services team at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Though he began programming in Java and PHP, Mike now spends most of his time working in Ruby and churning out web apps with Ruby on Rails. He’s a strong proponent of progressive enhancement and can usually be found tinkering with HTML5 and CSS3. Though the Stroke Center depends heavily on MySQL for its data storage, Mike was fascinated by NoSQL stores—so much so that he depended on Redis to handle some administrative tasks associated with the site. Mike was responsible for much of the front-end development for the Stroke Center and its associated apps; he also contributed to the back-end development of the project and maintained the Stroke Center web server.

Jing Shi
Jing has a depth of experience in the information technology industry including seven years as Senior Programmer Analyst for a hospital, where she managed its intranet and developed customized health management systems and solutions of many kinds. With expertise in many programming languages and database systems, Jing was responsible for every facet of the Internet Stroke Center’s dynamic elements and databases.

Josephine Hawkins
Jo, who recently retired, played a large role in the development of the original Stroke Trials Directory. Jo received her Master of Science in Nursing from St. Louis University and has forty years of nursing experience. Jo’s varied nursing experiences included both clinical and management work as a nurse, conducting nursing research, teaching other nurses, and publishing several articles in various nursing journals.